Disruptive Technologists ® …and the entrepreneurial culture in New York City

The people that interrupt the normal course or unity with technology. They are the game-changers, the brilliant thinkers, the hackers, the founders and the people that finance them.

Event Video

Disruptive Technologists Event: The Augmented Reality Experience was held on January 30th, 2017, at Microsoft in Times Square. If you have missed the entire event or part of it, here is the complete coverage of the event. Watch…

Lori Hoberman

Startups Need to Start Up RightLori Hoberman of Hoberman Law Group only focuses on entrepreneurs. She represents venture-backed companies along a wide spectrum of growth, working in whatever industry is the flavor of the month. Click Hear To Hear Our 7-Minute Podcast…

Coco Kee

FinTech in China is more than a buzz word; people breath it.  FinTech provides more and more convenience and benefits to people because historically banks have served them poorly, from payment to lending to borrowing.Read More..

Augmented Reality

The Three Biggest Challenges Facing Augmented Reality, According to Disruptive Technologists – Click here to read more…

Truth: Techies Talk

Techies Talk is our newest column with ideas gathered from around the Web that raise some eyebrows and hold some nuggets of truth in them. Do you want to tear up the rules and have some fun while doing it?  If you have a crazy, kookie, or constructive comment involving technology, please click here

Julian Assange

Wikileaks has revealed that the CIA has been able to use security flaws in the OS of both Google and Apple smartphones to record and listen to ongoing conversations, track the phones’ users, and in some cases even take control of the phones remotely. Read more…

David K Williams

I lead a company of approximately 100 employees. Many are Millennials. I, as a Baby Boomer leader, am not. Use these strategies to help your millennials thrive read More…

Ami Nahshon

How long has it been since you — or anybody you know, for that matter — used a Rolodex for anything other than to keep loose papers from sliding off the desk? …read more