Disruptive Technologists ® …and the entrepreneurial culture in New York City

The people that interrupt the normal course or unity with technology. They are the game-changers, the brilliant thinkers, the hackers, the founders and the people that finance them.

Erik and Jessica

NY Tech Alliance: Two existing organizations, lots of reshuffling and “The stack of paperwork for the Attorney General was staggering. I think it’s fairly uncommon that two nonprofits merge read More…

Jerry Rudisin

“Most banking apps are pretty bland,” according to Jerry Rudisin, the CEO of Flybits. “Enterprise mobile app users get tired of the competitive disadvantage of having a cookie-cutter, one-size fits all app.”  Read More…

Lynn Rogoff/Podcast

Lynn Rogoff is in the forefront of groundbreaking multimedia content. Rogoff works as a game producer, director, writer and professor. Rogoff, founder of, AMERIKIDS USA is launching our VR 3D Endanger! game series. Click here to hear our 7 minute podcast

Joe Rubin/Podcast

What’s the weirdest pitch you’ve ever seen? Angel Joe Rubin talks to us about startups looking for investment..Click here to hear our 7 minute podcast


Truth: Techies Talk

Techies Talk is our newest column with ideas gathered from around the Web that raise some eyebrows and hold some nuggets of truth in them. Do you want to tear up the rules and have some fun while doing it?  If you have a crazy, kookie, or constructive comment involving technology, please click here

Scott Reynolds

The ‘Aha’ Moment for B2B Payment Recourse: Armor Payments co-founders feel that that consumer-oriented payment methods, such as credit cards and PayPal, are taken for granted by consumers, and aren’t particularly suited for B-to-B transactions. Read More…

James Boehmer

Disruptive Sports Tech Talk with MLB Advanced Media – Sports innovations: Instant replay, fantasy sports, streaming video are among sports greatest innovations.
Read More…

Alan Brody/Podcast

Disruptive Techies: Cigarettes, Marijuana and Moonshine — are there disruptors in these fields or are they just posers? We explore what makes an entrepreneur disruptive — Click here to hear our 7 minute podcast