Disruptive Technologists ®

…and the entrepreneurial culture in New York City

The people that interrupt the normal course or unity with technology. They are the game-changers, the brilliant thinkers, the hackers, the founders and the people that finance them.

Brandon Diamond is the Director & Co-Founder, HuffPost Labs, the Director & Founder of Hacker Union and a Director for NY Tech Meetup. Read More…

Q&A With Yaroslav Tenzer, who presented City Transformer at the Big Global Tech Pitch to Investors at NY Institute of Technology on the Upper West Side. Read More…

AngelHack is one of the only organizations hosting hackathons all over the world, including NYC. Sabeen Ali, CEO and co-founder… Read More

FEMO’s CTO Vanbana Premkumar was thrilled to be part of the winning team at this weekends hackathon. Read More…

Events 2014

Disruptive Technologists in NYC Meetup – Internet of Things
Next Disruptive Technologists in NYC Event: Internet of Things.
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App Innovation

Blokify App Lets Kids 3D Print
I had a chance to talk to the founders of Blokify, a startup that creates 3D modeling software allowing kids to create toys physically or virtually…
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What’s He Thinking

Q&A With Market Signal Extractor: Igor Gonta is the CEO of Market Prophit. His company offers a unique tool that organizes all information on the Internet and puts it in adjustable way. Read More…

Blog Posts 2014

Nate Westheimer, president of NYTM, praised a novel mobile phone app that ties together mobile phone cameras, technology… Read More