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    11 Times Square, 6th floor, corner of 41st & 8th Ave., New York, NY (edit map)

    Don’t forget to peel the bananas…

    Automation / Artificial Intelligence are becoming omnipresent in business and our daily lives. Technology now allows us to talk to our devices, detect trends in huge data sets, and let our cars drive for us.

    At the same time, we are increasingly aware that the slightest human assumption or foible remains beyond the reach of even the most advanced AI system. The example cited in the title, which will also be presented at the event, comes from Chef Watson, an expert system for culinary arts that has been able to “create” innovative recipes. But when the users noticed that recipes including bananas didn’t turn out properly, the developers were surprised to discover that they had neglected to inform the system that bananas are usually used without the peel.

    Hence the need to focus on AI content in addition to technology. The unexpected trap for successful AI implementation is that most “banana peels” (assumptions, conventions, even biases) are not obvious. (Our event sponsor, Aebis Inc, has proven methods to uncover this “tacit knowledge”.) By focusing on content, your AI implementation can avoid slipping on hidden banana peels! (Sorry :) ) www.aebis.com

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    Our next Disruptive event is all about Artificial Intelligence. The scheduled date is at Microsoft at 5:45pm — there will be food, wine, pizza, Hint Water, gourmet sandwiches and cookies. Panelists will include experts from IBM, Microsoft, Loup Ventures, Chef Watson and more. Please check back as we add more details.

    The event is free but fills up rather fast – – if you RSVP now, but find out you can’t make it later, please let us know. We look forward to seeing you!

    1. Bruce Weed | Developer Advocate for the East Coast, IBM

    Bruce Weed is the City Leader/Developer Advocate (New York) for IBM’s Digital Business Group. Bruce covers the Eastern part of the U.S. with a main focus in NYC. Bruce engages directly around latest technologies with partners and customers alike, his expertise is around Watson/AI, IoT, Blockchain, Cloud and Bots, Digital Assistants and Big Data. He runs LinkedIn groups with over 50K+ members on IBM Watson & IoT, IBM Big Data and Analytics, and Blockchain for Business; these groups look at both use cases and technology trends. Bruce also runs the IBM Watson – Cognitive Business & IoT Meetup in NYC with over 1600 members. He is a Watson/IoT, Blockchain and Big Data evangelist who keynotes many major conferences around the world.

    2. Heather Shapiro, Microsoft AI Expert

    Heather Shapiro is a Technical Evangelist in Microsoft’s Developer Experience group, where she educates developers on Microsoft’s new technologies. In this role, she works closely with students and developer communities across the North East to understand the newest technologies and architectures. Prior to becoming a Technical Evangelist, she received her Bachelors of Science in Computer Science and completed an Honors Thesis about employing Bayesian Approaches to Understanding Music Popularity. Heather blogs at http://microheather.com (http://microheather.com) and tweets at http://twitter.com/microheather. (http://twitter.com/microheather.)

    3. Doug Clinton, Managing Partner, Loup Ventures Loup Ventures is an early stage venture fund investing in AI, robotics, augmented reality and virtual reality. 4. Reah Miyara Product Manager, Industry Applications, IBM Watson

    4. Reah Miyara, Chef Watson

    Reah is product manager on the Watson Industry Applications team and a former software engineer on the Watson Life team. A graduate of UC Berkeley with a degree in electrical engineering and computer science, Reah’s experience includes developing enterprise technologies for the Mars Curiosity Rover at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory, fraud detection systems using machine learning at Intuit, and cognitive cooking assistant Chef Watson at IBM’s Watson group. When he is not driving product vision and technical strategy, empowering companies to make smarter business decisions using AI, he can be seen building autonomous quadcopters, playing soccer, or DJ-ing. Moderator: Kevin Pianko

    Partner of BDO USA, LLP performs audits of public and private companies and assists them with the financial and operational aspects of their business. Kevin has industry expertise in life sciences, private equity activities, SEC/public companies, tech, manufacturing, professional services, and financial services. He is also a regular on Bloomberg Radio and NBC.

    Host: David Franklin, CTO of B&L Management

    David is our Sexy Technologist, Tech Geek and Entrepreneur!

    5-Minutes of Stand-up Comedy by Shaun Eli, Comedian & Executive Director of The Ivy League of Comedy (http://www.ivystandup.com/)!

    Chris Mahon, Outer Places

    “Outer Places Will Be Live Streaming on Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/OuterPlaces/) Throughout the Event”

    EVENT DETAILS – Keep Scrolling Down!


    We need your full name and those of your guests for security reasons. For guests, RSVP for them separately or email their full names to: LKeyson@disruptivetechnologists.com

    WHEN: June 5th, 6:15 PM to 8:30 PM
    WHERE: Microsoft, 11 Times Square, 8th Avenue


    6:15 pm to 6:45 pm: Networking (Funding Post supplied gourmet sandwiches, Dana supplied wine and Microsoft supplied pizza & soda (Come as early as 5:45 PM if you want to network more!)

    6:45 to 8:30: Panel and Group Discussion.

    8:30 to 9:00: Extra Networking, more food and drink!

    Some ideas we will discuss on the AI trend:

    Toward a new generation of digital assistants Automation / Artificial Intelligence are on the verge of pervading all aspects of business and our daily lives. At the moment, most efforts seem to be focused on digital assistants and the “low hanging fruit” such as replacing cumbersome text interfaces with Natural Language Processing interaction, performing pattern recognition in huge data sets, or automating repetitive or highly regulated processes requiring low human intelligence (even driverless cars fall into this category). 1) Clarifying and narrowing the scope of the domain of a digital assistant:
    What makes a human expert so powerful are the “distinctions” that they apply in complex situations, often subconsciously. By eliciting and capturing these distinctions in a usable form forothers, including those who will be programming the automation algorithms, we provide explicit knowledge boundaries and related human points of view. In addition, certain traps need to be avoided when automating, including two extremes:

    1. Cognitive biases / prejudices that can creep into the algorithms:
    a. These are “false distinctions”, i.e. divisions /categorizations being made where none actually (or no longer) exist;
    2. Lack of sophistication in automated rules:
    a. When an underlying distinction goes undetected and therefore is not implemented when it ought to be.
    Aebis promotes the functional exception handling, consistency and completeness techniques within algorithms for verifying on the spot the knowledge domain boundaries.

    Lauren Keyson, Founder & Publisher
    Disruptive Technologists

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