We are thrilled to have Dean and Sam back again with new episodes, and we love them, but they are “almost dying” a little too often for them to be so upset by each other’s demises. In “Regarding Dean: Episode 1211”, Dean is dying by losing his memory from an ancient spell that only Rowena  (where is the deliciously wicked witch she used to be?)  can save. Because she is the only one, who can read the archaic form of Celtic used by the Druids it in their rituals they called “the language of the trees.”


It is an interesting idea that Dean can lose his memory to the point where he will deteriorate into nothingness. Since Outer Places is all about the intersection of sci fi and science, we can see the bioscience connection with Alzheimer’s. Currently, there’s no cure for It, but some drug treatments may help with both cognitive and behavioral symptoms. For those of you who understand this tragic disease which affects 44 million people worldwide, you know how awful it is to lose your memories until you do not know who you are. Remember TV series Boston Legal? The famous lawyer Denny constantly spaced out and was always afraid of what he was going to say or do in court.  Likewise, Dean starts to have similar problems – for instance, in this episode he has sex with a waitress he does not remember and gets slapped for it.


Dean’s lapse is more humorous than tragic in the same way as Denny’s, and frankly, that is what we like about Dean. He makes the series fun because he is such a hardass and a goof at the same time. So why can’t Sam lighten up? He realizes Dean is turning into a Mentos, but instead of crying, “I have seen my brother die, but watching him become — not him — this might worse,” Sam should be more like, “Well, he’s dying again – let’s pull a rabbit out of a hat.”


There is no cure for Alzheimer’s, thank God pagan magic can save the day… again.


Lauren Keyson claims to be the Number 1  Supernatural geek (when she is not running the Disruptive Technologists®organization in NYC).