Written by Lauren Keyson and Xiling Gu

If the term IoT doesn’t bring up an instant reflex of what it means, you are already missing out
the biggest tech wave. Being a buzzword as heated as AI, Internet of Things is constantly
changing the society and our lives by making the world more interconnected than we ever
imagined. It changes the way we converse, commute and contemplate.
The continuous improvement was first adopted by businesses to upgrade their commercial
models, now expanding to individuals’ lives and even city management. Smart urban planning
using IoT technologies is expected to tackle issue like traffic congestion, pollution and energy

According to BI Intelligence, companies are going to spend almost $5 trillion on the IoT in the
next five years — and the proliferation of connected devices and the massive increase in data
has started an analytical revolution. However, for the infinite data to be valuable, the crucial step
is “analyzing”, which is where AI steps in. The machine learning is applied when diving into the
infinite amount of data and finds out patterns, modules, and knowledge that can be transformed
into solutions.

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Suz Hinton, Technical Evangelist, Microsoft
Prior to her evangelist role, Suz was a fronted developer for 10+ years for Microsoft. She’s an
avid open source contributor, writing and collaborating with libraries relating to topics such as
NodeJS robotics, accessibility, and creative coding. Suz is passionate about developer
education and specializes in accessibility, internet of things, and cloud computing. She’s
currently exploring the fascinating world of machine learning, which she believes will become
more and more relevant as a tool for both businesses and individuals. When she’s not coding,
she’s probably making more coffee, hanging out at her local East River pier, or taking the NYC
subway somewhere for the fun of it.