Disruptive Technologists Upends IoT Using AI: Smart Homes, Cities & Governments

From smart homes to smart cities to smart government, artificial intelligence is upending the definition of the Internet of Things. The grandiose long-term vision of smart places is of course full-on interconnectivity. Vehicles will not only talk to each other, but they will also be connected to traffic lights, parking meters, police and parking lots. The link between IoT and AI is about letting computers be smarter — which in turn will improve the quality of life, by making life frictionless and fun.

Our events are fun and freewheeling — 5 expert panelists share their expertise — bit edgier and a bit more wild than other tech events — our attendees can ask questions throughout the panel discussion, there is wine, beer, gourmet sandwiches and cookies, pizza and Hint water.

Fireside Chat: Directly following we have a smaller fireside chat moderated by Aebis (AI experts) and hosted with wine, cheese & crackers by The Triana Group. This special 30-minute session is for attendees who really want to get into a high-level deep discussion without being videotaped.

Be sure to RSVP with your full name for security reasons (and if you are bringing guests please email us at LKeyson@disruptivetechnologists.com with their full names too!). We can’t wait to see you!


1st Panelist: Suz Hinton, Technical Evangelist, Microsoft

Prior to her evangelist role, Suz was a frontend developer for 10+ years for Microsoft. She’s an avid open source contributor, writing and collaborating with libraries relating to topics such as NodeJS robotics, accessibility, and creative coding. Suz is passionate about developer education and specializes in accessibility, internet of things, and cloud computing. She’s currently exploring the fascinating world of machine learning, which she believes will become more and more relevant as a tool for both businesses and individuals.

2nd Panelist: John Edgar, Co-Founder & Managing Director, stae.co

Just a dude who loves the full stack and startups and business and people and cloud and stuff. Created a company that has revolutionary ideas to improve city governments.

Value: people, collaboration, leadership, vision, context, strategy and execution. There is a place for “smart” “ambitious” “hustler” and a place for “wise” “empathetic” “measured” — oh yeah: go cloud.

3rd Panelist: Mark Clifton, co-founder & CEO, Princeton Identity

Mark has experience in biometrics, security and surveillance, resulting in deep understanding of authentication technologies for businesses, borders and global organizations for improved safety.

Princeton Identity’s proprietary technology enables smart camera technology t, etc. capture the image of the iris of the eye to identify the person and can be used in a myriad of applications, including security for financial transactions of all kinds, physical security, and digital security. Just think about the applications in, among other places, urban environments – no more wallets, passcodes, subway tokens. Just the iris of the eye to empower and connect, access spaces, computer systems, cars, homes.

4th Panelist: Bruce Weed, IBM

Expert in AI, IoT and Disruptive Technologies | Developer & Developer Advocate for the East Coast

Bruce Weed is the City Leader/Developer Advocate (New York) for IBM’s Digital Business Group. Bruce covers the Eastern part of the U.S. with a main focus in NYC. Bruce engages directly around latest technologies with partners and customers alike, his expertise is around Watson/AI, IoT, Blockchain, Cloud and Bots, Digital Assistants and Big Data. He runs LinkedIn groups with over 50K+ members on IBM Watson & IoT, IBM Big Data and Analytics, and Blockchain for Business; these groups look at both use cases and technology trends. Bruce also runs the IBM Watson – Cognitive Business & IoT Meetup in NYC with over 1600 members. He is a Watson/IoT, Blockchain and Big Data evangelist.

5th Panelist: Aaron Price, Councilmember

Aaron is on technology and innovation transition team for governor-elect Phil Murphy. He is also the CEO & founder for Propelify; and founder of NJ Tech Meetup. Founder of companies. Organizer of innovators. Learner of information. Combater of closed-mindedness. 

Moderator: Kevin Pianko

Partner of BDO USA, LLP performs audits of public and private companies and assists them with the financial and operational aspects of their business. Kevin has industry expertise in life sciences, private equity activities, SEC/public companies, tech, manufacturing, professional services, and financial services. He is also a regular on Bloomberg Radio and NBC.

Host: David Franklin, CTO of B&L Management

David is our Funny Technologist, Tech Geek, and Entrepreneur!