The January 29, 2018 event on Monday about AI Upending IoT was tremendous! And we have a very cool Viziotagged video to go with it! Click on the link here:

Viziotag is the host-based web video publishing platform that enables viewers to take back control of watching online videos. It works with YouTube and every other major publishing platform.  Its powerful “Concept Based” Deep Tagging Technology empowers viewers to:

  •         Watch content that is relevant to them
  •         Search the way they think, with “Concepts”
  •         Find relevant content that appeals to them
  •         Skip content that is not relevant or interesting
  •         Return to content that resonates with them
  •         Share with more people, in a simple fashion”

Inquiries about any of the Viziotag services can be directed to Jeff Paul at or by calling 908-723-1728.