Disruptive Technologist Podcast Series:

David Sorin: Managing Partner, Chair of Venture Capital & Emerging Growth Companies at McCarter & English talks about how traditional law firms are incompatible with entrepreneur needs.

Date: June 2020

Location: Zoom Length: 38 minutes 55 seconds

David Sorin discusses his journey from an accountant to becoming a partner in a law firm where he works with entrepreneurs and start-ups at all phases of their endeavors. He discusses how traditional law firms are incompatible with the needs of entrepreneurs and how he has created a model that works at McCarter & English, “We are not investors in the traditional sense, we are not writing the checks, but we are investing in our clients through the use of time and skill knowing that not all start-ups will succeed. Not all businesses are a finance-able one and so we rely on our expertise in attracting the right clients and in turn choosing the right clients to represent.” Listen to David share about the changes he had witnessed in NY/NJ start-up scene, his concerns about the aftermath of COVID-19, the importance of diversity for start-ups, and his thoughts on where the future is headed.

Podcast Interviewer: Hassan Karimi