Interview by Lauren Keyson – 13min

“The new world of finance requires leveling the playing field between regular traders and hedge funds. Until that point is reached, we will continue to innovate and increase accessibility of the Coinrule platform to all. Long term, we intend to expand into traditional assets such as stocks as well as the new field of Decentralised Finance. Adding decentralised apps to Coinrule strategies would open endless opportunities like staking coins, smart routing, and trading synthetic assets. All of this will be possible from one single interface enhanced with the power of automation.”

Gabriele Musella

Disruptive Technologists’ own Lauren Keyson sits down for a quick chat with CEO and Founder Gabriele Musella of Coinrule, which enables retail investors with crypto assets to automate their investments across multiple platforms to protect their funds and catch the next great market opportunity – algorithmic trading without having to learn a single line of code.

Coinrule was founded by Gabriele and his partners Oleg and Zdenek in 2018 to help more people take control of their cryptocurrency assets. In doing so, this will inspire normal people to learn more about investing and access trading tools that are currently only available to professional traders.