Apple Watch to Offer Fashion Advice

Now that the Apple Watch is truly and finally out, details about this wearable tech as a fashion accessory have emerged. In addition to stats, power and design, Apple employees have been told to offer fashion advice for their watch. “Apple Inc. is technology’s luxury brand. Now it is crossing into high-end fashion, with a smartwatch that blurs the lines between jewelry and gadgetry,” said Daisuke Wakabayashi, the technology and Apple for the WSJ.

The collection is made up of:

Watch Sport: Aluminum case. Elastomer (rubber) bands. The 38mm watch is $349; $399 for the 42mm size.

Watch Collection: Stainless steel, available in steel color and black, with a wide range of bands: leather, metal link, and Milanese loop. Price: $549-1049 for the 38mm version depending on the band, $599-$1099 for the 42mm.

Watch Edition: 18k gold, custom bands, with gold clasps.

The Limited Edition. Price: $10,000 plus. There are eight of Apple Watch. Each has a watch case produced from 18-karat gold has been developed to be up to twice as hard as standard gold. The display is protected by polished sapphire crystal and will be available in select retail stores.

This out of the ordinary watch is meant to be shown off. So Apple created a surprising range of choices. Retailers can now guide their customer in watch, color and strap choices. For instance, they can use other accessories on a customer as examples for which model would look best. Or if the customer is with a friend, then they can ask the friend’s opinion as to which model should be purchased. This way they can steer the buyer to purchase, say, a Green Sport band instead of a Pink Sport band.  And the matching fluoroelastomer band comes in five different colors.

Previews are now in stores.