About Disruptive Technologists

Disruptive Technologists mission is to inspire, guide, advise, teach, change and create disrupters.

Our attendees (300 per event), members (3,500), readers (1000 weekly) followers 10,000) think tank members (40), and team (20) are made up of developers, founders, investors, hackers, startup teams, professors, students, journalists, other media, vendors, corporations and entrepreneurs.

Our events are quarterly at Microsoft in Times Square, and average 300 people each time. (The room holds 280 but people come and go so we let a few more in).

We are a well-respected, women-led team heading what I would like to call a “Cheerleading” organization, meaning that in return for sponsorship, we give:

Marketing, Branding, Goodwill, Promotion.

Which we do through our toolbox of services, skills and products:

  1. Panelist positions
  2. Speaker positions
  3. Digital Publication articles
  4. Newsletter articles
  5. Social Media Network
  6. Podcasts
  7. Videos 
  8. Quarterly Events
  9. Fireside Chats
  10. Speaker Venue
  11. Think Tank Council
  12. Think Tank Dinners
  13. Think Tank Council 1-Hour Meetings
  14. Logos, Links, Graphics
  15. Giveaways
  16. Books (quotes)
  17. Research
  18. Curated Columns
  19. People Connections
  20. Use of the registered name “Disruptive Technologists”

We utilize these 20 “Tools” to bring branding, cheerleading, PR and marketing to our sponsors.



Disruptive Technologists Management:

  • Founder/Publisher: Lauren Keyson
  • Event Co-Organizer: Sarah Grieco
  • Director: Dana Stevens


  • Graphic Designer: Jialu Feng
  • Marketing: Jamie Lutz
  • Podcaster: Dania Hammad
  • Photographer: Nina Zegelbone
  • Web Dev: Louis Fico
  • Biz Dev: Luigi Pesce Ibarra
  • Videographers:  Jeff Paul, Steve Durham
  • Event Moderator: Oliver Christie
  • Chat Moderator/Advisor: Bruce Epstein
  • Think Tank Advisor: David Edehlson
  • Host: Sep DiMeglio
  • Bookkeeper: Jim Williams
  • Team member: Nina Knox
  • Team member: Tameka Vasquez


  • Chairman: David Sorin
  • CEO: Lauren Keyson


  • McCarter & English LLC
  • Microsoft Reactor
  • Hint Essence Water


  • Morgan Stanley
  • The Government of Bavaria
  • Major League Baseball
  • (Bob) Marley Coffee