During NYC Entrepreneur Week, the founders of VanityPhotobooths demonstrated their new game-changing photo booth by steering people into one of them at Public House in midtown.  “Within the session of taking photos, guests have the opportunity to upload the photos they love to their Facebook page or email it to themselves,” said founder Ken Carrion. “And we are in the process of adding Twitter and other social media.”

Phill Santisi, director of R&D talked about the technology: “We worked on making it compact and user friendly. Even though it’s a box, it’s the software that makes this grow and keep up with technology. So when social media grows to the next level, this software will adapt. We created it to take it to another level for restaurants, for businesses — taking it to where events and marketing used to be fun to go to. Customers and attendees used to get goody baskets gifts to get involved in then events. Now they can really get really involved – you see the excitement people have when they walk in here.”

Inside the mind of Vanity Photobooths founders:

Ken, what is the craziest thing you have ever done?
Diving with sharks.  I was in the Bahamas with Caribbean reef sharks – that was insane and an adrenaline rush.  I was very nervous, but apparently it’s safe because I made it out!

Favorite color?
Red — because it’s energy, fire and vibrant.

Favorite Food?
Cuban black beans and rice – I’m of Cuban decent and it takes me back to my childhood days and mom cooking.

What kind of animal would you be?
A giraffe because of its far-sightedness – it can see way right above the trees, over all the other animals for miles and miles; it can see what’s going on and get ready.

So Phil, what is the craziest thing you’ve ever done?
One day I needed to find something different to tie my ladder down to my truck. Then I did something totally different from anything I’ve ever done — I ended up inventing the Ladder Bungee and getting it patented. It’s a little bungee cord that is attached to a little hook with handles.

Favorite color?
Blue – it’s a color that is right in the middle and it makes people happy; it’s a strong, positive color.

Favorite food?
Italian and pasta, and my favorite dish is surf and turf.

Favorite animal that you would be?
A lion, because he is king!