About Disruptive Technologists, Inc. ® – a not for profit

The Mission

Disruptive Technologists, Inc. ® is a STEM nonprofit with a mission to educate, inspire, and empower a community of diverse disrupters including women and people of all backgrounds through a variety of platforms.

We provide support to those actively pursuing cutting-edge innovation, a glimpse into the thinking and methods of those who are considering their own ventures, and access to those who are already firmly established in technical fields.  We offer live and virtual events, think tank talks, newsletters, networking, and other programs that speak to disruption over a range of markets and industries.

What Are Disruptive Technologists, Inc. ®?

Tech is blowing up in New York City thanks to a thriving culture of entrepreneurship that is disrupting the way people live and work. At the forefront of this movement are hundreds of individuals whose perspectives fall outside the mainstream and who are aggressively pushing the boundaries of innovation. Disruptive Technologists, Inc. ® – a not for profit gives a fascinating glimpse into the lives, thinking, and methods of many of them.

Disruptive technologists are the game-changers, the out-of-the-box thinkers, the hackers, the iconoclasts, the students, and the inventors. Any one of them has the potential to create or contribute meaningfully to the Next Big Thing in technology. Today, many of the most intriguing and promising of these individuals live and work in New York City rather than Silicon Valley, and they (along with a number of those who finance and employ them) are the reason Silicon Alley has moved into the number 2 VC and Angel funding spot.

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Hundreds of technophiles are eager to understand what makes disrupters tick in order to emulate them, learn from them, invest in them, or even to just be in the know. Being able to discuss what these innovators – those who create a new technology for pants that never wrinkle to virtual basketball on you that is played on the phone with virtual baskets set up around the city.” Meantime, tech aficionados, experts, and investors are always looking for the next Steve Jobs. One of the members said in NYC Meetup at NYIT’s auditorium in conjunction with NYIT Center for Entrepreneurial Studies, said that he is interested in learning more from Disruptive Technologists, Inc. ® in the city.

We welcome all Disruptive Technologists ® with disruptive ideas that want to be featured, be speakers, give us ideas, let us know where you are demoing, if there is an event we should be at, or just talk to us, make sure to reach out today through Linkedin or any of our other social channels.