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Artificial Intelligence is here, but are we all being wildly optimistic? The public has no idea what they are getting themselves into — the benefits, the horrors and the “meh” – the painting here is the first ever painting created solely by Artificial Intelligence! Here is speaker and UC Berkeley alumni Bjorn Austraat’s humorous take (but it’s all true, which is why it’s funny):


A – Arrogance – Your solution will be the most disruptive, game-changing, revolutionary, paradigm-shifting, never-before-seen breakthrough ever. Nobody, and definitely not people who have lived through at least two other hype cycles, “gets it.” Rip & replace, don’t augment.

B – Business magic – Focus on a magical business model that shows infinite scalability with minimal customer acquisition costs, little or no regulatory obstacles, and a hockey-stick market penetration curve. Complicated formulas and multi-hundred tab spreadsheets with lots of assumptions a plus.

C – Communication – Impress investors, customers and the general public with imposing AI words like “neural network distributed deep learning,’ “feature engineering at exabyte scale” and the like. AI communication is a combat sport and you should try to overwhelm your “opponent” with as many obscure and intimidating technical terms as efficiently as possible.

D – Distribution- Pesky sales and distribution planning only slows down the disruptive AI entrepreneur. Don’t bother with minutiae like sales enablement, effective collateral creation etc.

Our five amazing expert panelists will delve into the nonsense, the reality, the timing and the $$ in a think-tank type discussion.

Our Expert Panelists:

1. Bjorn Austraat, IBM Global, Cognitive Leader | Senior Applied AI and Machine Learning Executive (fr. visionary & strategy IBM Watson)
2. Gale Brewer, MANHATTAN BOROUGH President, Tech & Government Expert
3. Luke Schantz, Developer Advocate Innovation, Emerging Tech & Entrepreneurship & Robot Expert! IBM
4. Nina Kaplan, Founder & CEO of Tech, Blockchain & AI Solutions Expert, Sholz GmbH
5. Sep DiMeglio, Developer Audiences / Tech / AI & Robot Advocate! MICROSOFT

Oliver Christie, AI Strategist & Founder, Foxy Machine, an artificial Intelligence consulting, strategy & research company for companies seeking to leverage new and future technologies.

Fireside Chat Leader: Bruce Epstein, Knowledge Wizard, Aebis, a knowledge management company: Prevent knowledge loss & leverage critical knowledge.

Master of Ceremonies: Jim Williams, Physics & Chemistry; UC Berkeley

Plus Pizza, Soda & Brownies and amazing give-aways (including Reactor jackets) from Microsoft Reactor, Essence Water from Hint, Gourmet Sandwiches from McCarter & English & Wine from Dana!! 🍷

RSVP’s close Tuesday, March 12th at 6pm. If you still need a last minute ticket you will need to go to Eventbrite to RSVP:

**EXTRA Special Thanks to our Disruptive Technologists® Think Tank Council & Events Sponsor-Partner: McCarter & English and David Sorin, Partner & Chair – Venture Capital & Emerging Growth Co. Practices.

Interactive Videographers: Jeffrey Paul and Steve Durham from VizioTag – they will be stationed in the middle, back of the conference room — see them about how their high-tech video TOC works! And check out their clip with Knightscope’s William Santana Li and his Crime Fighting Robots!!