Watch Julian Assange Break Down the CIA Exploits for Apple and Google Phones

Image credit: Byseyhanla

In their latest data and intel dump, Wikileaks has revealed that among other bombshells such as spying through TVs, the CIA has been able to use security flaws in the OS of both Google and Apple smartphones to record and listen to ongoing conversations, track the phones’ users, and in some cases even take control of the phones remotely.

In a statement to, Google’s Director of Information Security & Privacy stated:

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“As we’ve reviewed the documents, we’re confident that security updates and protections in both Chrome and Android already shield users from many of these alleged vulnerabilities. Our analysis is ongoing and we will implement any further necessary protections. We’ve always made security a top priority and we continue to invest in our defenses.”

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While this is clearly a step in the right direction, the statement falls short of saying “all” vulnerabilities have been patched. Apple has made much the same claim, saying “many” holes have been filled, but it’s doubtful that this will be the end of the scandals engulfing the tech world in the wake of the leak.

You can watch Julian Assange address the whole issue directly in a recent video from the Associated Press (skip to 0:55):

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