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Goal Setting Techniques:
*Set goals that are “SMART”–specific, measurable, achievable, relevant timely. …

*Set “HARD” goals. …

*Involve management and employees in the goal-setting process so they will be more committed to achieving the objectives. …

*Write it down and spell it out. …

*Chart your progress.

We will also include how goals and technology can be used to create unity and a sense of community in the workplace? With so many companies scrambling to address disparities and inequities, we will explore how tech can be used to help them reach certain diversity goals and bring people together.

  • Roadmap to success: Design your future. Share your strategy with the people responsible for delivering it. Create clarity and buy-in.
  • Goals that matter: Align your resources and enable everyone in your organization to focus on the outcomes that matter.
  • Visible achievements: Create accountability and stay on top of progress. See what needs attention.
  • Iterate until you see the desired results.


  1. Ramona Wright, Co-Founder & CEO, WeUp – a social gaming platform for good.
  2. Roger Osorio, Intrapreneur, Executive Coach, Educator, IBM
  3. Rebecca Costa, Sociobiologist & Futurist, The Costa Group
  4. Alex Romanovich, CMO/CDO, tritiumDX & multiple digital health, retail & financial brands

Moderator: Oliver Christie, Futurist & AI Expert

MC: Sep DiMeglio, Premier Developer Consultant, Microsoft

Interactive Videographers & Directors:
Jeffrey Paul & Steve Durham, Ziotag: advanced deep-tagging.

** EXTRA Special Thanks to our Disruptive Technologists® Think Tank Council & Events Sponsor-Partner: McCarter & English and David Sorin, Partner & Chair – Venture Capital & Emerging Growth Company Practices

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Our Main Panel on Goal Setting will be followed one week later on July 1 by a Fireside Chat – so please contact the organizer with questions on Meetup at Disruptive Technologists in NYC Meetup