Yeah, Samsung Just Debuted a Smart Pocket Watch

Image credit: Samsung

Time to party like it’s 1899—Samsung is attempting to bring back the pocket watch.

In preparation for the upcoming Baselworld 2017 watch show in Switzerland, the company has announced a variety of new additions to its growing Gear S3 range of sleek smart watches. Among these colorful new watch faces are a pair of pocket watches, which have turned a lot of heads by virtue of the fact that they don’t do the one thing people want from a smartwatch: attach to the user’s wrist. Check out the image below (the pocket watches are on the left):

Complete your steampunk cosplay with a Samsung pocket watch 

Of course, the idea of a pocket watch is ridiculous for another, slightly more logical reason: we all already own a pocket-sized smartphone. A smartwatch is (in theory) designed to let people use some functions of their phone without having to rifle through their pockets, which makes a “smart pocket watch” an entirely pointless concept.

Still, this antiquated form of watch technology invokes a kind of retro chic that matches up with the recent popularity of vinyl record players and carefully sculpted beards. Or, to put it bluntly: the Samsung smart pocket watch is perfect for rich hipsters who want to show off their love of old-school accessories.

It’s sadly unlikely that these (admittedly) beautiful pocket watches will ever make it to market. Instead, maybe we can get someone to figure out how we can attach a gold chain to our smartphones, so we can have it dangling out of our pockets, like gentlefolk once did.

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